S3Media Stream, for Private Streaming Video & Audio on Joomla

For the time being, the extension is not available. Those who have already a license can continue to use it and active subscriptions will keep receiving premium support. More information follows later this week.
Sorry if this causes you any inconveniences.

Rudolf Boogerman
Footprint Communication

What can S3Media Stream™ video and audio player extension do for you?

Plugin Joomla Module Joomla Module compatible with Joomla 3.0

S3Mediastream enterprise 8With S3Media Stream 8 you can publish your video and audio with expiring links (signed URLs) via Amazon Web Services (AWS) with CloudFront to protect your media from unauthorized sharing.

The responsive player is fully HTML5 compatible. It also has a protected download link feature that enables you to offer expiring links on the fly to any file type on AWS. S3Media Stream ships and installs with JW Player 8.x. 
Users of versions prior to 7, get some quick answers here.
In order to use the extension, a JW Player license key is required (Starter package at this time of writing).

Protect your media

  • Protect your video and audio files from leeching or unauthorized sharing since the links to the media expire too quickly.
  • Deliver your protected PDF’s, PowerPoint files, Docs or ANY down-loadable file without fear of hotlinking.
  • Discourage screen capturing of videos with a dynamic watermark, showing Name, IP address and date of the visitor in any of the possible 4 positions in the player (does not work on all server configurations)

The extension can handle the following media options

Click on a link below for detailed information:

  • Private progressive download video and audio (also called pseudo streaming)
  • Semi-private HLS adaptive streaming video and audio
  • Semi-private MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming video(not widely supported yet)
  • Private 360 VR video
  • Protected download links via signed URLs (expires in time) to any file type on AWS.
  • Public external media (not served via AWS)
  • Dynamic playlist with signed URLs

You can embed video and audio in articles via the shortcode wizard or use the module to place media in other positions of your template.
The protected download link feature is very useful to provide expiring links to any file type residing on AWS.
Note: 360 VR video are not widely supported yet.  It doesn't work on most mobiles and supports only the latest browsers. See https://www.jwplayer.com/blog/360-vr-part1-state-of-the-industry/ for more info.

Look and behavior features

  • Poster image to set an image as the preview for the video player, also possible for audios.
  • Autostart gives the option to automatically play media upon page load or wait for visitor's input.
  • Repeat media controls to repeat media automatically or play just once.
  • Player align to position the player left, right, center or template determined (none).
  • Control bar, show or hide option.
  • Captions/Subtitles for the hearing impaired or translation.
  • Encode URLs obfuscates links to media in the embedding code. It also prevents special characters from being translated by templates or other extensions, which would result in an invalid signed URL.
  • Stretching has several otions to fit video in the player.

Branding options

  • Skin, adapt the skin with css (older skins are not compatible).
  • Watermark/logo with a link to any page and 4 possible positions in the video area.
  • Social sharing button to share a page with embedded media (not directly a link to the media itself)
  • About Text and About Link in the context menu can be customized to brand your player*.
  • Make an audio look engaging with poster image, watermark and subtitles

(*) The JW Player notice itself cannot be turned off.


The following media types are supported

  • 3 video file types: MP4, WebM.
  • 4 audio file types: AAC, MP3, M4a and Vorbis.
  • 2 streaming protocols: HLS(m3u8), MPEG-DASH(mpd)

The following captions formats are supported

  • webvtt (recommended as it is supported by iPad)
  • srt (not properly supported by iOS devices)

How do signed URLs (aka expiring links) work?

Signed URLs use a private key file in combination with a time limit you can determine yourself for each video, audio or downloadable file. S3Media Stream retrieves the information and turns it into a link that expires within the time you have set it. Expiring URL's can be set from 1 minute to a year or more.
By using expiring URLs, leeching or unauthorized sharing is therefore not possible. As such, you protect yourself from malicious site owners who want to publish your work on their site while you pay for the bandwidth.

What is the best protocol to protect video/audio from illegal downloads?

So far, this was RTMP streaming, but it is on its way out and no longer supported by JW Player 8 or higher. 
HLS adaptive streaming is somewhat harder to download because it consists of many video or audio segments which then have to be downloaded piece by piece and re-assembled again which is quite some work, although there exist download apps that can download almost anything. HLS can also circumvent corporate firewalls, which RTMP streaming can't. 
Note: HLS adaptive streaming cannot be set fully to private, due to the fact that it consists of m3u8 playlists with static links.

DISCLAIMER: No solution on the internet is 100% bulletproof, anyone telling you otherwise is lying or misinformed. Therefore we cannot guarantee that your media are 100% safe with S3Media Stream. The best our extension can do is to protect the links to media by making them into signed URLs so that they can't be shared on other web sites or via social media and/or e-mail.
This only works with files that are private, residing on AWS.
Furthermore, obfuscation of links cannot prevent certain web inspection tools from de-obfuscating.

Why would I use Amazon CloudFront instead of another CDN or video service?

In our opinion, AWS is the best cost effective platform to serve video and audio. With CloudFront you do not need to worry about server software. Like the regular S3 AWS service, you pay as you go, it is really very affordable in comparison with other services. No overhead costs or payment upfront. S3Media Stream combined with AWS CloudFront delivers your media faster worldwide then it would via your own domain.

Why using subtitles or closed captions?

Still many videos or audios do not provide subtitles. Yet, 20 Million people between the age of 45 and 65 in the US alone suffer from a form of hearing disability. They are excluded from most video and audio material because they have difficulty hearing what is actually said. If you can tap into that source, you have a huge advantage over your competition. With S3Media Stream you can serve subtitles/captions in webvtt and srt format.

Increase your revenue with advanced branding options.

Imagine, you have an audio or video interview with an author of a book you want to promote. With S3Media Stream you can impose the cover of the book over that video in that chapter, linking it to a sales page or affiliate page like Clickbank, Amazon, etc,...where visitors can buy the book that is discussed in the interview.

Use a logo for landing pages

Because the product is directly related to the video, you significantly increase the opportunity for a sale because the person watching or listening is much more likely to buy when it can be done with the push of a button. In this way, you can monetize your videos AND audios!

Detailed information

Context menu

For instance, when a visitor right-clicks on a video, a context menu pops up with information about the player.

player context menu

You can configure the About text and set the link to any page you like! 
You can set this in the component S3Media Stream so that it becomes default for all your modules and media in articles.
The About this video item is a GDPR feature since version 8.3 that enables visitors to request from JW player which traffic data they collect.

How does a regular audio look? Make it more engaging!

Generally speaking, audio control bars are not that interesting. This is an example of a normal audio with the default skin:

default plugin6

In the example below, we catch 3 flies in one go: we add a watermark, a poster image, a logo(you may need ot tweak css to customize the size) AND we add Closed Captions to an audio:

player audio features


Get PREMIUM SUPPORT to help you on your way quickly

Setting up your AWS account for the first time is not that easy. There are some pitfalls, so you can do with some substantial support. 
Notwithstanding the step-by-step video tutorials and solutions to problems we offer, you might bump into a problem you cannot pinpoint and we are here to help.
We want you to be happy with our extensions, so we help you all the way. As a premium support customer, you get an answer within 24 hours (except in weekends). In some cases, we contact you via Skype if e-mail support is insufficient.

With this extension, you do not only buy a tool, you get a load of FREE professional advice on top of it.

We think with you and regularly publish articles to make the most of your extension. Our extensive step-by-step tutorials guide you all the way, from setting up your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to publish your media in various ways. We love to stretch the limits and that is why we can offer trendsetting solutions. Breaking out of the box is our trademark.

See also the Pre-sales FAQ for more information.

For current users of S3Media Stream 6.6 or lower

S3Media Stream 7 had to deprecate and replace certain options since they are also changed in JW Player 7. Yet we kept our users in mind who want to migrate from older versions and tried to keep backward compatibility where possible.
The biggest change is that RTMP dynamic playlists no longer work since JW Player doesn't support that anymore. 
However, there are big improvements, especially regarding support for mobile devices and since Flash is out on its way, this is very important.
The player now fully support subtitles, watermark and skins in mobiles and is responsive. 
A full list of changes and ways to migrate to the new version can be found in the new category S3Media Stream 7 - Joomla in the Support/Documentation section (see the first tutorials regarding preparations).
The tutorials for the older version are now marked as S3Media Stream 6.x - Joomla and remain available in the foreseeable future.

For current users of S3Media Stream 7.x

S3Media Stream 8 for Joomla 3.x now automatically switches RTMP streaming to progressive download since JW Player 8 no longer supports it. 
When Joomla 4 arrives, we will break the backward compatibilty because this measure makes the code like a complicated spaghetti, difficult to adapt to future changes.
Version 7 will be updated and supported until 1 December 2018. That gives you almost a year to convert the RTMP shortcode to HLS adaptive streaming.

Update history

Version 8.7.5 13 August May 2019
Added option to use Cloud Player instead of local one shipping with S3Media Stream.
Removed deprecated DS constant for / and \, / is accepted on all platforms now.
Ships with JW Player 8.7.5
Tested with remote Cloud player 8.9

Version 8.3.1 30 May 2018
Bug fixes:
Logo didn't show up in dynmic playlists.
Repeatmedia values are changed (backward compatible with existing shortcode.
Autostart didn't work in dynamic playlists.
Ships with JW Player 8.3

Version 8.3 14 May 2018
Ships with JW Player 8.3
Dynamic playlists supports HLS, Mpeg-dash, progressive download video and audio.
Wizzards to generate shortcodes in articles are fully functional again.
Protected Download links has now a target option in the Default settings.

Version 7.1  May 2017
Wizard in article editor works again.

Version 7  April 2017
Ships with JW Player 7.9.3.
HTML5 primary option is now used to enable/disable RTMP streaming, which requires a Flash plugin. It serves no other purpose since the HTML5 player comes first, whatever this setting.
Free or Premium license from JW Player required. JW Player 5.10 licenses are no longer valid for this version.
Support for 360 Video, HLS adaptive streaming (Premium JW Player license required).
Backward compatibility with previous versions kept wherever possible. 
In the pipeline for the next release:
Multilingual subtitles/captions. 
The wizard in the article editor still doesn't work. We'll try to make it work again.

25 April 2017: tested successfully with Joomla 3.7, although the wizard in the article editor no longer works. We are trying to fix this as soon as possible.
Use shortcodes for the time being.

Version 6.6 February 2017

Added a HTML5 mode option which forces the player to disable the Flash player.
Resolved issue with https and dynamic playlists in html5 mode

Version 6.5.2 June 2016
Resolved Encrypting paths not working if only set to Yes in the configuration panel.

Version 6.5.1 May 2016
Added support for HTTPS. No need for a separate SSL certicicate on CloudFront.
Removed bug in Module which created a link to a non-existent javascript file.
Version for Joomla 1.5 phased out.

Version 6.5.0 June 2015
Added responsive player behavior (Joomla 3 only).
Added player align option for exceptional cases (Joomla 3 only).
Changed the way protected download behave. Know file types are now forced to be downloaded (Joomla 3 only).

Version 6.0.4 July 2014
Updated S3Media Stream for Joomla 3.3.1 and higher
Solved a couple of issues, like skins not showing on Siteground hosted sites due to security restrictions
Encrypting paths and insert buttons in the article editor work now in Joomla 3.3.1.
Joomla 3.x users can install the extension over the existing one. But as usual, backup your site first, you never know!

Version 6.0.3 August 2013
Compatible with Joomla 3.x. There are now 3 versions available: Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3

Version 6.0.2 February 2013
Fixed bug: Start and duration not working in modules
The extension is compatible with FlexContent now

Version 5.9.x phased out from 28 February 2013
Phased out now due to a problem with download links in the module we could not solve with the current library.
Users are advised to upgrade to version 6.0.2 if they want to use download links in modules.

Version 6.0.1 February 2013
Fixed bugs:
Download links in module not working

Version 6.0 February 2013
Fixed several bugs:
Cosmetic problem in the dynamic playlist wizard with help icons which moved over the fields on small screens.
URL Expiration default works now.
Several hints in the playlist wizard did not show or gave insuficient info.
Ships with JWplayer 5.10
Version 5.9 remains available for Joomla 1.5, 1.7, 2.5
We are working currently on a version of S3Media Stream 6.0 for Joomla 1.5.26 also.

BETA Version 6.0 November 2012
Only available upon request for now on Joomla 2.5, featuring:
Extra wizard with Dynamic Private Streaming Playlists for web and HTML5. Create your playlist directly in the articles.
Placement of the private keyfile no longer needed. Several hosting providers do not allow files behind the root, so we changed it.
Removed the download mode for html5 for better protection.
Ships with JWplayer 5.10

Version 5.9.2 July 2012
Fixed compatibility issue with Smart Search plugin
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.10 which has a range of corrections:

Controlbar not displayed when playlist set to bottom in HTML5 mode html5 bug
Pausing player in fullscreen Safari shows player controls html5 bug
Address cross-site scripting vulnerabilities flash bug
Player sometimes can't play on player reload on iOS html5 bug
Controlbar layout breaks at 100 minute mark html5 bug
"playerReady" option should only accept named function flash bug
Player appears in the wrong place after video completion on iPhones html5 bug
Video aspect ratio off after multiple resizes flash bug
Audio image not shown if autostart set to true html5 bug
Controlbar layout shifts slightly on mute/unmute flash bug
Flash error appears in non-browser environments when changing volume flash bug
Typo in in jwplayer.js embedder bug
Time slider seeks to 0 if user seeks to bottom 10% of video flash bug

Version 5.9 June 2012
Better error handling in the plugin.  More indicating messages in the interface when mistakes are made.
Added Repeat option to automatically replay(loop) single media or playlist items.
Debugged default options in the plugin that did not work.
Replaced old skins with the JW player Skin Bundle 1, a set of 9 html5 compatible skins + 3 updated ones from Longtailvideo.
Improved the mediaID, so that category blog layouts show all media when the Readmore tag is not used.
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.9

Version 5.8 - March 2012

Totally reworked from scratch.
Added plugin to insert media directy into articles.
Added Default setting for plugin
Added video stretching
Added combination of playlist and related playlist.
Compatible with joomla 1.5,  1.7 and 2.5
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.8



"I'd like to share our wonderful experience with S3Media Stream.
We've tried a couple of different extensions in the past, including a product for which we paid money, but simply didn't work. We never received any support either -- our emails went completely ignored.

Fortunately, after some more searching, we came across S3Media Stream. Not only was this extension much more robust and easier to work with, but the support that we received from Rudolf is extraordinary.

Being skeptical about product claims, we had many pre-sale questions that Rudolf answered very quickly and professionally. After we purchased the product, Rudolf patiently guided us, via Skype, through all the steps to customize our setup.

This level of service and professionalism is not something you get to experience from many companies. It's refreshing and much appreciated!"

Michael Roach
Director of Marketing,
The BodyMind Institute

I've been searching for a long time for a solution that will allow me to stream videos with Amazon cloud by using Joomla CMS.
Integrating such a solution requires deep understanding of security settings and is not as staright-forward as a simple embedding.

Luckily, I found Joomla21Century and developer Rudolf who gave me a step by step guidance, including intervention on my own server. I was never alone in the process. Quick and detailed responses, diving into the smallest details are the main advantage of Rudolf, along with a great, reliable component which I highly recommend.

Yoram Schaffer

"I can only say that in the middle of tens of thousands of software developers selling their wares on the web, it's very refreshing to come across the team at Joomla 21 Century. Their products under the S3Media banner are very versatile and professionally packaged components for integrating S3 based media into your site.
I have been in the media industry for over thirty years and have worked with hundreds of different companies... but the service I have received from these guys is absolutely excellent!"

Peter Claridge www.peter-claridge.com

"There are a handful of extensions in the Joomla universe that dramatically increase the power and possibilities of this tremendous CMS.
S3Media Pro is one of those extensions. An incredible tool with equally incredible support."

Dr. Jordan Weinstein MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine,
University of Toronto
Director, UKidney.com

"Once you get the hang of it, this plugin is just awesome. And I really love the suggestions in the articles.
What an idea to use watermarks for affiliate products!"

Ruud Van Dyck
Executive producer, London

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