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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


30-day Money Back GuaranteeWe are confident that you will like this extension/plugin. But it might not fit your needs or we may have been unclear about something. Therefore we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. However, we do ask you to read the information carefully before you buy, so that you can make a well informed decision.
You can always ask pre-sales questions here: 
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If you have a problem or find a hidden shortcoming, contact us in the support section. We are happy to hear your feedback and we will adapt the extension if it contains an error.


  1. We will not refund after 30 days under any circumstances. You are expected to test the extension before the guarantee expires.
    Customers who ask a refund are required to remove all instances of the extension from their computer(s) and server(s).
  2. We will not refund when the reason for that refund is unrelated to the current workings of the extension. in other words, if you have a feature request we do not plan to implement or at a later date, that in itself is not a reason for a refund.  The extensions are sold AS IS and you are required to read the information and ask questions before you buy. But we do refund if we made something unclear.
  3. We require you to confirm by email that you deleted the software on all your server(s) and computer(s). Only after that, we give a refund.
  4. We only give refunds via PayPal. Under no circumstances do we send refunds to a bank account or any other method. You are solely responsible for retreiving the refund from PayPal, we do not intermediate in this.
  5. If a confirmation of removal arrives 60 days after the initial sale, we will deduct the commission fee of PayPal because the refund procedure is no longer available, therefore we have to use the regular "Send Money" procedure. Make sure you send that confirmation in time.
  6. We are not responsible for any eventual commission fees or other costs claimed by PayPal or any bank instutitions related to refunds.