Here we show you how to use the loadposition feature of Joomla to place modules in an article instead of standalone in a designated position on the site.

The trick is simple, you create a module and in the Position field on the left, you type a non-existing module position.


Yes, indeed, not many people know that, but you can type in that dropdown list. So, presume, you know for sure that anyuser100 doesn't exist as a position in your theme, then fill that in.

Then go to the article you want and place the insertion point where you want the module to show up, and type the following:

That's it.  Now if I want to show a series of videos in one article, I use a convention that prevents confusion when using the S3Media Stream module and that is that the number I give to a position is at the same time the unique ID I give to the media module. Thus:

corresponds to Unique ID 100.  It's as simple as that!