Footprint Player™ - for Joomla

Footprint Player™  - for Joomla

This extension ships with Video.js, the popular video and audio player. Footprint Player video can be used on as many sites as you personally own.
NOTE: Footprint Player is compatible with S3Media Stream shortcode

How long can I use this extension?

As long as you want. But support and downloads are limited to 1 year. Renewal is possible at €29.00 per year.
NOTE: we give support up to 2 sites per customer.

Footprint Player is licensed according to the GNU/GPL 3.0 agreement. Please read the License agreement for Footprint Player before you proceed. 
Video.js is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, sponsored by BrightCove.

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Duration: 365 days
Price: €39.00