S3Media Stream, for Private Streaming Video & Audio on Joomla

S3Media Stream - Stream video/audio on Joomla!

What can S3Media Stream™ Do for You?

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With S3Media Stream you can publish and protect your video and audio with Private RTMP Streaming using S3 Amazon/CloudFront combined with JW player. Private streaming gives double protection against unauthorized use.  The player is HTML5 compatible! Play video and audio on the web, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

Free skin for JW Player: Polished Metal

Polished metal - skin for JW playerPolished Metal

Polished metal is based on the default skin from the Longtail Video team. A more pronounced version which represents polished steel with a ruby progress bar. In short, sturdy material to carry your awesome videos and audios.


Comparison S3Media Lite & S3Media Stream

A comparison table between the S3Media Family extensions

JW player Skin Bundle 1

magmaticWe created a new set of skins for JW player (included in S3Media Stream™) that are html5 compatible.  They will show up on all browsers, except on iOS devices because Apple takes full control when a video is detected, but at least they will not prevent the videos or audios from playing as happens with non compatible skins.


Testimonials S3Media Stream

"I'd like to share our wonderful experience with S3Media Stream.
We've tried a couple of different extensions in the past, including a product for which we paid money, but simply didn't work. We never received any support either -- our emails went completely ignored.

Fortunately, after some more searching, we came across S3Media Stream. Not only was this extension much more robust and easier to work with, but the support that we received from Rudolf is extraordinary.

There is a WordPress version too!

Due to numerous requests, we decided to create a Wordpress version of S3Media Stream as well.  Check it out at www.wp21century.com
Since WordPress is fundamentally different from Joomla, this 'plugin' has its own approach, but there is no coding involved, just like the Joomla!- version.

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