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S3Media Stream - Stream video/audio on Joomla!

What can S3Media Stream™ Do for You?

Plugin Joomla Module Joomla Module Joomla 1.5 Native compatible with Joomla 2.5.x compatible with Joomla 3.0

With S3Media Stream you can publish and protect your video and audio with Private RTMP Streaming using S3 Amazon/CloudFront combined with JW player. Private streaming gives double protection against unauthorized use.  The player is HTML5 compatible! Play video and audio on the web, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

Apart from private streaming, the extension has many ways to play rich media: Protect your progressive download video and audio from leeching(hotlinking) or simply display public media via CloudFront or other places.
The player also features: Closed Captions/Subtitles, HD switching, playlists, Protected download links to any file type, display protected eLearning projects like Articulate, iSpring and Camtasia (not html5 compatible).
Include watermark/logo in your video and audios, show poster images and brand your video player in a variety of ways.
Jump anywhere in the timeline of a streaming video or audio or create chapters from long videos without physically breaking it up.

S3Media Stream™ will give you the tools to:


Easily stream your video and audio WITHOUT HAVING TO INSTALL complicated server software using the CDN service CloudFront from S3 Amazon.
Serve your lengthy video or audio piecemeal to your visitors using playlists
Play your media and let the customer jump wherever in the timeline without having to wait for download


Increase your customer base by helping you tap into an extra pool of 20 MILLION potential customers in the US alone.
Multiply your revenue by providing you with ADVANCED BRANDING OPTIONS.


Protect your video and audio files from leeching and unauthorized sharing.
Deliver your protectd PDF’s, PowerPoint files, Docs or ANY down-loadable file without fear of hotlinking.
Protect your eLearning projects like Camtasia, Articulate and iSpring, Flash Animation/Games/Banners.


Customize your play lists with thumbnails, titles and diescription.
Change the look of the player through the use of skins.
Change  the appearance and behavior of the player.
Set as many players on a page as you like, inclduding playlists.


Get premium support to help you quickly on your way.

Read on to learn how S3Media Stream™ can:

EASILY STREAM your video and audio without having to install complicated server software

Using the S3 CloudFront service, you can stream your media without having to install and configure streaming software. Streaming software is expensive and difficult to install. With CloudFront you do not need to worry about that. Like the regular S3 AWS service, you pay as you go, it is very cheap and there are no overhead costs. The advantage of streaming media, as opposed to progressive download, is that it starts to play nearly immediately and the visitor can jump ahead within a video or audio without the need to wait for that part to download.

Streaming has a secondary advantage: it is not so easy to download. You need special software to "hack it". The Real Player recorder doesn't work on this extension, for instance.

EASILY STREAM your lengthy video or audio piecemeal to your visitors using play lists.

A practical case: Let's say you have a long video that could be split up into 5 chapters.
Chapter 1 is the intro about your product or concept.
Chapter 2 highlights one feature of it,
chapter 3 shows an example and so on until chapter 5, the end conclusion or sales pitch.

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply refer to several parts in the same video by using a play list AND add a call to action in the last chapter with a link to an external sales or informational page?

This is all possible with S3Media Stream for Joomla!

EASILY STREAM your media and let the visitor jump wherever in the timeline without having to wait for download

Sometimes, visitors revisit your video again but they do not want to see the whole piece again. With streaming, they can jump to wherever in the timeline without waiting as long as with progressive download. Thus, you increase the positive experience for your customers.

INCREASE your customer base by helping you tap into an extra pool of 20 MILLION potential customers in the US alone.

20 Million People between the age of 45 and 65 in the US alone suffer from a form of hearing disability. Those people are excluded from most video and audio material because they have difficulty hearing what is actually said. If you can tap into that source, you have a huge advantage over your competition. And the way to get there is very simple: Closed Captions! With S3Media Stream you can create and display Closed Captions on the fly.

What Are Closed Captions?
Closed Captions are subtitles that only show up when you click on a button. So, for viewers without hearing problems, the subtitles do not get into the way. Every viewer can decide to show them or not. As opposed to regular subtitles (also available in this extension), Closed Captions also describe background noises like closing doors, etc...

Using Closed Captions gives two MAJOR ADVANTAGES:

  1. You are positioning yourself as a person or company who cares about the hearing impaired.

  2. You get attention of a group of people that are hungry for rich media but cannot follow it. By providing them with subtitles, they do not only understand videos, but also audios! They will remember you more clearly then the competition who does not use this technique.

Think about it: you have two sites with equally good content on the same subject, but one of them is using Closed Captions. If you have a hearing disability, where will you go next time?

INCREASE your revenue by providing you with advanced branding options.

Imagine, you have your 5 chapters set up, all using the same video accessed via 5 modules, each starting at a specific point in the video.
In the last chapter, you want to offer a book. With S3Media Stream you can impose the cover of the book over that video in that chapter, linking it to a sales page or affiliate page like Clickbank, Amazon, etc,...where visitors can buy the book that is discussed in the interview.


Even better, you can provide another product or book per chapter! A tutorial is provided how to set your videos up in in this way.
Because the product is directly related to the chapter, you significantly increase the opportunity for a sale because the person watching or listening is much more likely to buy when it can be done with the push of a button. In this way, you can monetize your videos AND audios! No need to resort to Google ads or other advertising networks! This can be your own affiliate strategy.

PROTECT your video and audio files from leeching and unauthorized sharing.

Whether you stream your video or use progressive download, by using your S3 Amazon account, you can protect your media from leeching and unauthorized use by using expiring URL's (or private streaming) which you can set from 1 minute to a year or more. Using the streaming option, it adds another layer of protection on top the expiring URL.

PROTECT your PDF’s, PowerPoint files, Docs or ANY downloadable file.

By using expiring URLs, leeching and unauthorized use of files and eLearning projects like Camtasia, Articulate and iSpring, Flash Animation/Games/Banners is no longer possible.

CUSTOMIZE your player by providing tools to adjust its appearance and behavior.

  1. Responsive player option (for Joomla 3.x only).
  2. Allow or disallow full screen mode.
  3. Set width and height, the video scales automatically
  4. Allow or disallow autostart.
  5. Display functional icons in the dock(the Video area) or in the control bar.
  6. Show subtitles automatically or display a button to activate it (Closed Captions).
  7. Show a semi-transparent bar behind the subtitles or not.
  8. Create playlist with private streaming media on the fly.  No need for external playlists anymore!
  9. Change the About Text and About Link in the context menu
  10. Turn the context menu on/off
  11. Make an audio look engaging and give it subtitles
  12. Locate the control bar Top, Bottom, Over, None.
  13. Change skin to change the look of your player
  14. Make audios "look" more engaging
  15. Discourage screen capturing with dynamic watermark

For instance, when a visitor right-clicks on a video, a context menu pops up with information about the player and a couple of custom settings like Stretching, an About text with link and Full screen.


You can configure the About text and set the link to any page you like!
You can set this in the component S3Media Stream so that it becomes default for all your modules.

Stretching can deform the video display in some cases, so you might want to turn it off. Or, you do not like the About link? By turning of the context menu, you turn that off as well. The context menu can be turned off as well in the component S3Media Stream so that it is set for the whole site at once. No need to set it per module.

However, the context menu is then replaced by the Adobe Flash context menu. This cannot be removed, alas, otherwise we would certainly have done that.



We also added the options to change the standard location of the control bar. Standard is set to Bottom, now you can also set it to None, Over and Top.

How does a regular audio look? Make it more engaging!

Generally speaking? Plain and boring. This is an example of a normal audio:


Ahm, ... that's ...very interesting. Can you make this a bit more spicy? With this extension, absolutely!
In the example below, we catch two flies in one go: we add a poster image(explained further below), which can be any size AND we add Closed Captions to an audio:



The Power of Poster Images

Poster images have a big impact. They are a decisive factor for the visitor to click or not. Let's have a look at the typical poster image from YouTube below:


This is an intelligent, good looking woman. But this poster image looks like the sort of snapshot Paparazzi love to take from celebrities, making them look awkward.

YouTube automatically creates this sort of poster images for you by indiscriminately taking 3 snapshots, using a mathematical formula. No wonder you get results like that!
Automation is fine up to a point, but if you are serious about your business, you better create your own poster images!

You can't change it on YouTube itself, but you surely can on your own site!

Below is the same video, with a poster image that was created by hand:


With your own poster image, you control exactly what the first impression will be and by adding text, you create anticipation about the content of the video.
It doesn't need to look perfect, the purpose is to make it look interesting and inviting.
“Inviting” will be different for every audience, of course, and you know that better then anyone. We provide a tutorial how to create poster images. It's a lot easier then youu might think. However, do not take this lightly because one image says more then a thousand words.

CUSTOMIZE your users’ experience by including local and external rich media

Although streaming is its main feature, you can add videos from all over the place, your own site, S3 Amazon, YouTube, etc, ... as long as they have a URL that links to a video or audio. No need to use embedding code, or any code whatsoever. Just keep in mind that some video networks do not allow embedding without their own native player. Vimeo is one of them.

Select the right skin that fits your site AND create your own

You can select the look of the player that fits your site. S3Media Stream™ has 12 skins on board and if none of them satisfy you, create your own skin! A tutorial is provided in the support section.

GET PREMIUM SUPPORT to help you on your way quickly.

Streaming video is not easy. There are some pitfalls, so you can do with some substantial support.
Notwithstanding the FAQs and solutions to problems we offer, you might bump into a problem you cannot pinpoint and we are here to help.
We want you to be happy with our extensions, so we help you all the way. As a premium support customer, you get priority when it is very busy. In some cases, we contact you via Skype if email support is insufficient.

With this extension, you do not only buy a tool, you get a load of FREE professional advice on top of it.

We regularly publish articles to make the most of your extension. We love to stretch the limits and that is why we can offer trendsetting solutions. Breaking out of the box is our trademark.

Accepted formats for this player

It can play .SWF as well but timing cannot be displayed, nor any of the additional features like subtitling, closed captions etc, ... will work. Better use the eLearning media type to play SWF.

Video service support

The player supports YouTube, S3 Amazon and any other video service which allows downloading videos without a native player.
IMPORTANT: Quite a few video services use expiring URLs themselves, like Vimeo, MySpace and others. Vimeo even works with expiring URLs from S3 Amazon itself. You cannot play those videos because they expire too quickly. Therefore, to play videos in that situation, you need to use their embedding code. Here is an article that shows you how to embed Vimeo videos.


Update history

Version 6.5.0 June 2015
Added responsive player behavior (Joomla 3 only).
Added player align option for exceptional cases (Joomla 3 only).
Changed the way protected download behave. Know file types are now forced to be downloaded (Joomla 3 only).

Version 6.0.4 July 2014
Updated S3Media Stream for Joomla 3.3.1 and higher
Solved a couple of issues, like skins not showing on Siteground hosted sites due to security restrictions
Encrypting paths and insert buttons in the article editor work now in Joomla 3.3.1.
Joomla 3.x users can install the extension over the existing one. But as usual, backup your site first, you never know!

Version 6.0.3 August 2013
Compatible with Joomla 3.x. There are now 3 versions available: Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3

Version 6.0.2 February 2013
Fixed bug: Start and duration not working in modules
The extension is compatible with FlexContent now

Version 5.9.x phased out from 28 February 2013
Phased out now due to a problem with download links in the module we could not solve with the current library.
Users are advised to upgrade to version 6.0.2 if they want to use download links in modules.

Version 6.0.1 February 2013
Fixed bugs:
Download links in module not working

Version 6.0 February 2013
Fixed several bugs:
Cosmetic problem in the dynamic playlist wizard with help icons which moved over the fields on small screens.
URL Expiration default works now.
Several hints in the playlist wizard did not show or gave insuficient info.
Ships with JWplayer 5.10
Version 5.9 remains available for Joomla 1.5, 1.7, 2.5
We are working currently on a version of S3Media Stream 6.0 for Joomla 1.5.26 also.

BETA Version 6.0 November 2012
Only available upon request for now on Joomla 2.5, featuring:
Extra wizard with Dynamic Private Streaming Playlists for web and HTML5. Create your playlist directly in the articles.
Placement of the private keyfile no longer needed. Several hosting providers do not allow files behind the root, so we changed it.
Removed the download mode for html5 for better protection.
Ships with JWplayer 5.10

Version 5.9.2 July 2012
Fixed compatibility issue with Smart Search plugin
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.10 which has a range of corrections:

Controlbar not displayed when playlist set to bottom in HTML5 mode html5 bug
Pausing player in fullscreen Safari shows player controls html5 bug
Address cross-site scripting vulnerabilities flash bug
Player sometimes can't play on player reload on iOS html5 bug
Controlbar layout breaks at 100 minute mark html5 bug
"playerReady" option should only accept named function flash bug
Player appears in the wrong place after video completion on iPhones html5 bug
Video aspect ratio off after multiple resizes flash bug
Audio image not shown if autostart set to true html5 bug
Controlbar layout shifts slightly on mute/unmute flash bug
Flash error appears in non-browser environments when changing volume flash bug
Typo in in jwplayer.js embedder bug
Time slider seeks to 0 if user seeks to bottom 10% of video flash bug

Version 5.9 June 2012
Better error handling in the plugin.  More indicating messages in the interface when mistakes are made.
Added Repeat option to automatically replay(loop) single media or playlist items.
Debugged default options in the plugin that did not work.
Replaced old skins with the JW player Skin Bundle 1, a set of 9 html5 compatible skins + 3 updated ones from Longtailvideo.
Improved the mediaID, so that category blog layouts show all media when the Readmore tag is not used.
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.9

Version 5.8 - March 2012

Totally reworked from scratch.
Added plugin to insert media directy into articles.
Added Default setting for plugin
Added video stretching
Added combination of playlist and related playlist.
Compatible with joomla 1.5,  1.7 and 2.5
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.8

Version 5.7
Never published

Version 5.6 - April 2011
Added HD switch and HTML5 fall back support.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Ships with licensed version of JW player 5.7

Version 5.4 - 31 January 2011
Added a AdSolution Channel for account holders of the Longtail video adSolution.  With this, you can play ads served from those channels on your videos and audios.
Added Repeat Media to loop media continuously.
Added Controlbar Position to place the controlbar to top, bottom, over and none.  Default is bottom.

Version 5.3.2 - 24 June 2010
A problem with Autostart is fixed.
Skin Beelden (from Longtailvideo) removed due to problems on some browsers.

Version 5.3.1 - 26 April 2010
Developers from Longtail video reported an error on their Flash debugger when a watermark was not filled in. Although it didn't cause a real problem, we want to make sure that the code is used efficienly so we removed all parameters from the output code when they are not used. This gives shorter embedding code as a nice side effect ;-)

Version 5.3 - 12 April 2010
Added support for eLearning tools like Camtasia, Articulate, iSpring and any Flash projects with their own controls.
Added protected download links for other types of documents, like pdf, xls, docs, zip, any downloadable file can be offered with an expiring URL.

Version 5.2 - 14 March 2010
Added watermark support and linking option.

Version 5.1 - 1 March 2010
Added an urlencode option for S3 Amazon URLs in case they do not work. (Some links work with encode, others don't, so they can be set per URL if needed).
Added routine to disable Provider type if media is no S3 file. Variable Provider gave especially problems with YouTube videos, resulting in "Access denied" or "Not Found" - error.

Version 5.0 - 12 February 2010
Problems solved with relative paths when displaying modules in categories.
Added S3 support for normal and expiring URLs.
Corrected syntax mistakes which prevented successful xhtml validation, although functionality worked properly.

Version 4.9 - 20 December 2009
First test of the module with Joomla 1.5.14. This module probably works with Joomla 1.0 as well because everything is included in the folder of the module.

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There is a WordPress version too!

Due to numerous requests, we decided to create a Wordpress version of S3Media Stream as well.  Check it out at www.wp21century.com
Since WordPress is fundamentally different from Joomla, this 'plugin' has its own approach, but there is no coding involved, just like the Joomla!- version.

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