Accessibility declaration

High contrast

You can easily adapt colors, fonts- and font size in the lay-out using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari or Opera. For the visually impaired and those who are not well acquainted with the functionality of their browser, we created a high contrast style sheet. You can activate this in 2 ways:

  • Click top right on the link High contrast.
  • To reset the default lay-out: click Normal contrast.
  • If you use Firefox, you can activate the High contrast style sheet via the menu-option: View > Page Style > High_contrast.


All top navigation links are placed below the actual content, therefore screen readers or users with a physical disability will only see those repeated links at the end. This is also useful for mobiles. There is a link to directly jump to the links if needed. This is rather unusual and if you have issues with this approach, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
All pages contain a search form.

Page structure & links

The pages follow a logical order whereby Head 2 is the title of the page and Head 3 is used for subtitles.
Links in text content follow the color standard determined by W3C.

  • Links are blue
  • Visited links are violet

External links open in a new tab (Firefox, Opera, IExplorer 8.x) or in a window (IExplorer 7 or lower & others). We use the TITLE tag in a link to indicate when such a link is external, using this message: “Opens in a new window”.
TITLE is not supported by all browsers, yet many screen readers can, also Firefox and IExplorer (version 7 and higher).

Printing pages

This site has no separate HTML-pages for printing. Instead, a print friendly version will be send directly to the printer. The printed result will omit all irrelevant elements on the page. Text prints in black.

Images & Media

Images are described with the ALT tag if they contain information. We do not describe decorative elements unless they make sense in some way.

Some videos have the Closed Captions option (CC), meaning that subtitling is available for those videos. Other videos may have no Closed Captions for demonstration purposes. It is possible that we display Flash content on the site. We provide a text description for this type of media if it contains useful information. Purely decorative animation will not be described.

Some elements of this site depend on JavaScript. Where possible, we provide an alternative.

Web standards

We made this site semantically correct, which means that content and lay-out are strictly divided. Style sheets only contain relative font sizes. Browsers which do not support CSS, the content on all pages remains readable. For ease of use, content appears above navigation when style sheets are not active, except the High contrast switch and the link to jump to navigation.

This site is conform WAI 508 priority 1. For the time being we cannot guarantee that priority 2 is fully supported because of the nature of this site, which is to promote multimedia extensions. But we do our best and if you have suggestions, we are happy to hear from you.

If you experience a problem, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You may use this declaration on your own site

You have permission to use this disclaimer om your own site, provided you adapt it to your own situation. Every site should have an accessibiliy declaration, so you can use this one as a basis, free of charge.
Creative Commons License
The text of "Accessibility declaration" by Rudolf Boogerman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Worldwide License.

Other elements on this page remain property of the author.

There is a WordPress version too!

Due to numerous requests, we decided to create a Wordpress version of S3Media Stream as well.  Check it out at
Since WordPress is fundamentally different from Joomla, this 'plugin' has its own approach, but there is no coding involved, just like the Joomla!- version.