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s3mediastream-Pro-box120 This group contains all the component plans. If you're planning to purchase S3Media Lite or S3Media Stream this is the group where you find these plans.

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  • S3Media Stream™
  • S3Media Stream™ - 2 in 1 License
  • JW Player License (Single)

For all license packages: Installation and operation will be explained in the Manual in the registered support section. You will get a conformation email after payment to activate your support account.
Licenses are non-transferable to third parties and become invalid when you become insolvent. See also General sales conditions.

*Members of the EU without a valid VAT number are required to pay 21% on top of the regular license fee.

Payment process

Select a License package and click Buy a license. You are redirected to the secure PayPal interface. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, you do NOT need to become a PayPal member. See how this works. We are adding an alternative payment system soon. After payment you can download the extension immediately.


We advice you not to download our products from file sharing websites like rapidshare, torrents or warez forums. Modified versions of our products might contain spyware, steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information and more.

The updated versions of our products will always appear on this site and we will never share them on any other website.

Money back guarantee

We are so confident about our product that we give you a full refund if you are not happy with it. That said, please check out the example demos so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

If you have a problem or find a hidden shortcoming, contact us in the support section. We are happy to hear your feedback and we will adapt the extension if it contains an error.

NOTE: We cannot adapt the included JW Player itself, which is owned by Longtail Videos. However, the player is originally created for YouTube and over 5 million users are happy with it, that is why we selected this versatile player for our extension.

There is a WordPress version too!

Due to numerous requests, we decided to create a Wordpress version of S3Media Stream as well.  Check it out at www.wp21century.com
Since WordPress is fundamentally different from Joomla, this 'plugin' has its own approach, but there is no coding involved, just like the Joomla!- version.

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